Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Girl With The Iron Touch by Kady Cross
***** Love this series!

Yay! It was so much fun to be back with Finley and her gang of misfits. What a wonderfully well written engaging and creative story. The characters I love them all, they are so well developed and interesting. Just can't get enough of them, especially Jack Dandy and Griffin,heheh. This story caters to Emily and I was really glad because she is one of my favorites, she is small, large in spirit and passion, intelligent, creative, hurt, flawed, sweet, tough, you get the picture she is pretty amazing. Really the whole gang is. We finally get more glimpse into the emotional and romantic side of our favorite couples. Hurray!!! It is nicely paced through out the story line and I was so happy......finally!
This book takes off about two weeks after they arrive back home from there trip to America. Everyone is feeling a little strained from there adventure and loss of Jasper's friend. Griffin has isolated himself to his rooms and claimed he is "under the weather" but his good friends feel that there is more going on than meets the eye. Finley is especially feeling all sorts of confusion after all their kissing and now nothing. I don't blame her I would be confessed too. Griffin needs to make things right and quit being so secretive. He needs to let his friends who love and care about him help carry his burdens.
While amiss the calm comes the storm. This misfit gang is not allowed much time just to enjoy life they get thrown into the fire right from the first pages. Remember that awful machinist Garibaldi that we all hoped was dead when the roof caved in on him.....well he isn't and he wants vengeance. Emily is unaware that he plans to have her help restore him, weather she wants to or not. As we know Garibaldi has a way with getting his way......
There are many wonderful moments with and Jake Dandy and his roguish self. Griffin and Finley as the share their hearts with one another, with Sam and Emily as they sort out their feelings for each other.
Loved, Loved, Loved!!! We also get an unexpected hint that there could be another book, I hope so. Really a beautifully crafted story with lots of creativity and heart.

content:  clean read know things are happening no details

Thanks Harlequin!


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