Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Dangerous to Know & Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick
***** One of my favorites for this year:)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED! This was a really fun, interesting, educational and unique read. I love it when one of a kind books come along and you just can't get enough and don't want it to end. That is how I felt about Daniel and Lisanne's story, in fact I found my self slowing down my reading just to savor it and make it last longer.
Lisanne is in her first year of college away from home. She is a very conservative person in her thoughts and actions. See where this is going, hehehe. She is a sweet heart just a little naive. She meets notorious hottie bad boy Daniel in her business class. They are soon paired off together for a business class project. Now Daniel is known to be distant, rude, easily provoked, and loves the women. As you can imagine they are a little like oil and water. He drives Lisanne crazy with his rude matter of fact behavior, and he could careless what she or anybody else thinks. Let me tell you I was even a little annoyed with his behavior it did come off rude. Some of the stuff he did, I was thinking he did not just do that and leave her there....JERK! Lisanne had a very stereotypical way of thinking towards Daniel because of all his tattoos and piercings. Just think if she would have stuck to that way of thinking she would have missed out on an amazing man and love.
One day while working on their project Lisanne is enlightened to why Daniel is the way he is. Once she knows all the facts their love story starts to unfold. Daniel is awesome! I so admired him and how he coupes with the life he has. Lisanne is awesome in that she sees the beautiful man that he is no matter what.
I liked her family and all the drama that went along with it, it was lol funny at times. Her brother was hilarious, I liked that he could do his male bonding thing with Daniel. Her roommate Kirsty a great roommate, who helped give most times really good advice to Lisanne, and was just a fun loving person.
Great story really well written love her writing style loved other books that I have read by this author. Great story with a beautiful, unique twist. The romance was hot and sweet, he was just awesome! Want this one in paperback so I can put on my shelfs. One of my top favorites for this year.

Adult read-not clean

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