Monday, October 10, 2011

Shifting by Bethany Wiggins
I really enjoyed this story I was quickly whisked away by it. I love the shift changing concept, and Maggie's ability is a little unique compared to similar stories I have read. Sometimes they were down right hilarious. Maggie has had a rough life she was orphaned really young and sent into the wonderful world of foster care. This her last home with Mrs. Carpenter, is a good home and offers her hope and safety. Well kind of safety. Someone/something is after her but who/or what is it and why.
On the first day of school Maggie runs into Bridger she spots him right away and feels a rightness about him, but pushes it aside. She has no desire to be emotionally involved with any one right now she has things to work through, plus who would understand her. From here we have the unfolding of the story which I will let you the reader enjoy. I really liked Maggie and Bridger's relationship, they start out as friends and moves in a natural way forward, for the most part. They each have their secrets and their flaws which makes them endearing. They both have so many issues to work through. Bridger's family or I should say parent drove me a little crazy with their "she is from the wrong side of town and social class." The ending had me shaking my head, I did not see that coming.
Such a simply pretty cover.

Mild language
clean romance some naked issues, because of her abilities. Few other minor moments, no details.

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