Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
Lola and the Boy Next Door, was so much fun to read I enjoyed every minute. It made me so homesick though I grew up in the Bay Area, and visited San Francisco often. After reading all of Stephanie's amazing descriptions of City life I am ready to go back NOW. I really felt like I was really wondering the streets, and peaking into the shops with Lola and Cricket, so much fun! I often pose the question to friends, if you could live in any big City in the US which would you choose? My response is San Fransisco, it is gorgeous, not as scary as most, friendly, old, fun, amazing food and people, ocean, great weather, and a million and one things to do. I LOVED it their....okay I will now quit being a commercial for them and get off my soap box.:)
Lola lives in a non traditional home with two dads who were really funny and really great parents to Lola. I was somewhat worried how Perkins would portray or come off preachy with this but she doesn't, it is very tastefully done and I really appreciated her approach. Lola has this want to be Rock Star boyfriend who I have to give a little credit to he really put up with her dads, those Sunday brunches, yikes. Max her boyfriend was just something else I had moments I liked him and then moments I hated him. I found him to be a little manipulative to Lola, and she just couldn't seem to see his flaws. I was glad when Cricket moves in next door. He is smart, cute, sweet, awesome with Lola, funny,and endearing. I really like his name, very different and wouldn't work on just any guy. I like that their relationship grew from previously having known each other to some warming up. They didn't just instantly fall into love. I really liked Lolo she was smart, fun, goofy, good friend, flawed and charming. There is a lot of things in her life for her to deal with and she does a pretty amazing job at it. I loved her corky style of dress, she was so true to herself and it showed in her everyday attire, so fun. I liked that she felt sorrow for things lost that can never be gained back. Lola and Crickets coming together was a lot of fun to watch, all the tension and expectation of the first touch and then kiss which was an amazing scene. They both really cared for each other and really showed us this in the simple things they did for each other. I thought they were perfect for eachother.
Anne and Etienne make several appearances in this story which was wonderful. It was great to see what was happening in their world. Great story lots of fun! Greatly anticipating her next. Maybe we will get to see all of these great characters can hope.

Mild language
clean romance few bedroom scenes no details


  1. I am waiting for my daughter to hand this one back over. I love Stephanie Perkins. I found you on the Goodreads group and popped in for a visit.

  2. Thanks for stopping buy. I am still trying to figure out how to make it show me as making the postings. This book was really good,hope you get it back from your daughter soon.:)