Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck
I really love this series, and this third book was just as great except....what happened to Kishan? His character drastically changed on me. He has always been this bad boy with passion, magnetism and did I say passionate nature. He always goes after what he wants, which is Kelsey. However he does go after Kelsey just that it's a shell of who he really is. At one point I thought maybe I had missed a page, I wondered if he had been hit over the head and I had missed it. That was not the case though. Ren's character at times took more control over situations than was fair to him and Kelsey. This all made me frustrated yet it did not take away from the story that much. It is very well written, and the adventures that they go on are great. I loved the parts about the dragons they were all very interesting and enjoyable characters. The descriptions of them were so well done I wanted to reach out and touch them. Mr Kadam is one of my favorite characters, and I was glad he was able to have a few neat experience of his own this time around. The research that is put into these stories is amazing. I love learning about India's folklore through this wonderful series. All in all a wonderful read couldn't put it down, and wish it was July all ready so I could be reading number four.
I also really liked the original cover better with my two tiger's on the front.

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