Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hallowed by Cynthia Hand
I just feel like I was wrapped around Cynthia Hand's little pinkie and spun around and flung off,such was the emotional roller-coaster ride I have been on. Wow is all I can think to say, I just finished and the emotions are running high. This second book in the Unearthly series was perfect for me. It feels like a bridge book, Unearthly set up everything, characters, and purpose, but nothing is really explained. However in Hallowed we get a lot of answers to just about all the questions you could think you possibly might of had concerning Unearthly. I really loved that about this book and it also made it near impossible to put down. I kept thinking what more could possible be revealed, and then wow okay didn't see that coming. It makes me excited to to see what the third book has in-store for us the reader.
Like I said before this was very emotionally intense read, it made me laugh, but mostly cry, the author has such away with writing these emotionally rich scenes, that will have you coming undone. The writing was just amazing! It was so good to be back with Clara, Tucker, Angela and Christian. Tucker, Tucker,Tucker he is so the perfect guy. I love his strong masculine, farmer, tough guy when needs to be, but gentle and so understanding of Clara, and vulnerable. Perfect! I loved all the amazing scenes with him and Clara they were awesomeness. I was glad they had each other which makes me so team Tucker... but then there is the other amazing guy Christian, and wow I really learned to appreciate and get him in this book. I see how good, strong, confident, and attuned to Clara he is, so then I feel like I want to be team Christian. I think I like them both, boy I am glad I am not Clara decisions, decisions. I also really liked the family dynamics in this story they were portrayed very realistically. We have all had moments with our parents when we are frustrated and visa versa but in the end we are family and we love each other. That was portrayed nicely I thought in this story.
Hollowed has left me spinning and wanting more. It was richly written and woven masterfully. I felt like I was there with them watching their world/story unfold before my eye's and I was glad I could be apart of it all. So good!

language LNV few times
romance clean one scene not appropriate but no details

copy provided by netgalley and Harperteen publishing. Thank you!


  1. Clara makes a hard decision and starts to dwell at failing her purpose. What she did not realize, is that what’s about to happen is far worse than she imagined. She struggles with the new information that starts to unfold about the true meaning of being an angel-blood.

  2. I know it was hard to watch her doubt herself. I think there is just so much going on and being revealed so quickly that is sensory over load. I can't wait to see how this all plays out in the next book.:D