Sunday, December 11, 2011

Borrowed Light by Carla Kelly
***** One of my all time favorite books
This was such a darling story (hehe) it really was with a lot of spunk. Julia Darling lives in Salt Lake City, and is engaged to a man she is coming to find out she does not love. She finally gets up the nerve to call it off and at the same time answers and add for a cook in Wyoming. She meets her boss Mr. Otto, and the ranch hands, they are all a little surprised at their new cook. From here there is one adventure after another on the cattle ranch. Whether with the the ranch hands, stock, weather, or matters of the heart concerning Julia and Mr. Otto.
Julia was such a wonderful character, she is out there in the middle of no-where Wyoming in an environment completely different from the way she was raised. She does amazingly well! She is trying to figure out who she is and what she believes in and why. She is also smitten with her boss Mr. Otto. She has some wonderful disasters with cooking moments that were quite funny. She is very determined, witty, spunky, has a big heart, and is very kind, and flawed. Mr. Otto I think is wondering what he got himself into, and sure glad he did. He is a quite giant, has integrity, solid, no nonsense, intimidating, and under it all gentle and kind. He is one of those hero's you just love to pieces! There are several secondary characters with all the ranch hands and friends that are just as wonderful, and I came to love them all. I loved the romance it is nice and slow, which is nice we get to see them become friends and trust each other first. This story is so well rounded and interesting, kept me glued to the pages and wanting more. The writing seems effortless and flows wonderfully. I can't wait to read her next Enduring Light.

Clean language
Clean romance

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