Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Haunting of Autumn Lake by Marcia Lynn McClure
Okay girls Marcia out did herself this time, wow there are so many wonderful kissing scenes I could swoon lol. I love all her books, but this one is amongst my top favorites. Marcia has such a way with words such a gift that we get to be blessed to see come to life in print."Yes, the season of harvest and respite was a woman in Miss Autumn Lake's bountiful imagination-auburn-haired, with ribbons of pumpkin orange and sage green woven through. Her eyes were he color of ripe green apples and her lips such a perfect bittersweet that all men who looked at her desired to kiss her." I call that word candy for my senses. That is just the beginning of many, many beautifully written passages. Along with all these beautiful words we also get more of Handsome Ransom from "Ransom Lake" and Vaden. I loved that they were in this story so we could see first hand how there lives unfolded. This story is manly about their daughter Autumn, and she is quite a beauty inside and out. She longs to find that perfect man, that will cherish her and love her like her father loves her mother. She doesn't know if it will ever happen.....then a handsome stranger is wounded and in need of care. Autumn and her family help nurse him back to health. From here they build their relationship and love for one another. There is also a threat to Autumns well being, and a haunting ghost to add even more excitement to this story. I loved Autumn and her passion for life, and people, she is so sweet, and good. Her Handsome Cowboy she nurses back to health is strong, full of chivalry, flawed, had a rough up-bringing which makes him rather endearing. I loved that we were able to hear a lot about his thoughts, I love that!! Great story to curl up in a blanket with hot coco and be caught up in the romance and kisses!

mild language
clean romance

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