Monday, December 5, 2011

Marian's Christmas Wish by Carla Kelly
This was such a charming Christmas story. I curled up in bed and was swept away with Marian and her wishing story. Marian and her family are on the verge of ruination, due to her fathers untimely death, gambling habits amongst other things. Percy her eldest brother has kept them afloat for so long but the end is drawing near for them. Percy and his mother Lady Wynswich decide it is time to marry off Ariadne the oldest daughter to the richest man. However her heart belongs to another and she wants no part of this plan, but is willing to sacrifice for her family. Percy brings home two gentleman friends for the Christmas holiday, one is Lord William Clinghorn who is to be Ariadne's fiance if all goes well.... and Lord Ingram who is a government diplomat.
From here we have a delightful story that unfolds with endearing characters. I loved Marian she was so witty and spunky, spoke her mind, naive, and boy could she get herself into some of the craziest predicaments. Ariadne is the very proper Lady of the time, willing to sacrifice, and a little boring. Alistair is Marian's brother and he was so funny, he thought up some of the craziest plotting, great sense of humor and a really good brother. Lord Ingram was witty, humorous, chivalrous, sweet, flawed and endearing. I really liked him. I liked all the banter between this family and their friends they were quite a lively bunch. I thought this story was really well written and a lot of fun. A perfectly sweet Christmas romance to get caught up in this time of year.

Clean language
Clean romance

Copy provided by netgalley and Cedar Fort publishing. Thank you!

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