Friday, December 23, 2011

The Chimney Sweep Charm by Marcia Lynn McClure

What a fun escape read just in time for Christmas. This story was lots of fun, I really enjoyed the setting which takes place in a modern day Dickens Village with old time vendors, stores and carolers/bell ringers. With Marcia's ability to paint a picture with words, I felt like I was there with Bailey and her friends. Her hot Chimney sweep man was gorgeous, sweet, strong, chivalrous, and just great. Bailey is sweet, cute, and fun. This was a sweet little novella with lots of charm and kissing that you wont want to miss.
I love Marcia's authors notes she talks about how she came to choose this particular cover, which is gorgeous, good job Marcia and Sherry is fits perfectly with our Chimney Sweep Man:)

Clean language
Clean romance


  1. this looks like a fun little novella to check out! Fascinating cover!

  2. It was really cute! you will have to check it out some time, have you read any of Marcia's books?