Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron
I really enjoyed this story about Hunter and Taylor. It was intense, and sweet. Hunter and Taylor attend the same university and end up spending a lot of time together do to certain circumstances. Theirs is a love hate relationship. Well really Taylor does almost but not quite hate him. Taylor has a secret that haunts her and makes her over react,angry and she doesn't trust men. Taylor is pretty amazing underneath all of the anger, and hurt. I was glad I was able to watch her character grow and change and become more of who she wanted to be. Hunter is awesome from the get go, he does come on a little strong though, but it works because he immediately identifies with Taylor and her pain and sadness. He knows what she needs even before she does. I loved how patient he was with her. Man she was down right mean at times, but Hunter could see past all of her insecurities to the beautiful person beneath it all. Hunter has his secrets too which at times made things really interesting between the two of them. He is afraid of her reactions to past events in his life as well. In the end it all works out awesomely though.

content: moderate language
adult read not clean

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