Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Secret of Ella & Micha by Jessica Sorensen

Talk about identity crisis poor Ella. Ella grew up in town that has fallen on hard times, which changes the social economics of this community. No the story isn't about that, but it helps to understand why everyone is a little whats the word a depressed over the top in some of their actions. Actually it is a story of love, patients, endurance and self discovery. Ella and Micha are best friends and next door neighbors. They tell each other everything, well almost everything there is one little thing or I should say huge thing they have never discussed. When Micha expresses how he feels Ella makes a radical decision which impacts both their lives. I have to say it was really rather mean, couldn't believe she did it. Ella has a lot of pain in her life do to choices her parents have made, and she somewhat feels responsible for, so on her road to self discovery she tries to forget who she really is. I really liked Ella she is pained, sad, but yet she keeps the pain inside she still gets out there and lives her life. Micha is swoonable, he is a guitarist and singer to small gigs around town, he would do anything for Ella. I loved that they are best friends since they were children. They can't try and lie or pull one over on each other because they really know each other. Once their true feelings are known all sorts of things start to happen, and changes for the better. Can't wait to see were this goes with the next two books.

Content: adult read, not clean

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