Thursday, November 15, 2012

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

I am sure many will like this book and that is great. The writing is good. The story is okay post apocalyptic. My problem with the book (beware some spoilers possible)was Arthur he is just way creepy gross, and I could not get past it. He would wait or entice women to whatever home he happend to be living in at the time, and then drug her only enough to make her loss control of her muscles and then he would rape her is implied but no details. Then he would put said girls in his basement for further torturing and eventually kill them cut them up and put pieces of them in glass jars. He obviously is mentally ill. Gross! Sick! Sick! Not my kind of story. I bought this as an audio listened up to chapter 22 mind you there are only 29 chapters. The story goes back and forth between Evie and Arthur I didn't find the story all that compelling and even less so do to the psycho Arthur.

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