Friday, November 16, 2012

Switched by Amanda Hocking
I really, really liked this story! This story is not really all that new in concept but delivery was awesome. Mrs Hocking has a way of just pulling you in and keeping you there until you are finished or absolutely have to stop (in my case I had to go pick up kids from school, eat, and sleep)I wanted to know what was going to happen to Wendy, Finn and Reese. This story makes you feel, you feel their emotions and are not just told about them. This was a fun story in the sense that trolls are the paranormal characters of interest, I haven't run across to many with them as the focus. I enjoyed exploring a world/town full of them.
Wendy has a rough childhood due to who she is, however no one but her mother knows who she is or isn't in this case. Her mother hates her, but her brother Mathew loves her and is very protective of her. Wendy starts to notice Finn a student at school, she is drawn to him and creeped out by his constant watching her. He tells her things that will change her life forever. I loved there relationship it is a little insta-love but still really enjoyable. Finn is very swoon worthy,lol, handsome, smart, and protective. Wendy is strong yet week at times, she is beautiful, and kind. This was a fun, nice, entertaining quick read. Loved it!

language handful
clean read
heads up the first two books are clean and the last book not so much

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