Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley
***** Fantastical Stars!

Frey Drakkar


Where to begin this was such a delightful read. I loved everything about it. The story was sexy and romantic (just a heads up not a lot of sex scenes) Sjofn aka Finnie who lives in the present world decides that she would like to go to the parallel world to see certain people one last time. She pays a fortune to a witch to make this happen. Seoafin is her twin in the parallel world and she to has reason to want to escape her world. Arrangements are made and the switch takes place. Finnie is in for a huge surprise when she lands in the Kingdom of Lunwyn....Frey Drakkar in all his sexy frighting glory. She should be scarred because he was scary when they first meet. Yet there was something more as well. This story had treason, mystery, and intrigue a plenty. With wonderful characters who you just grew to love. The secondary ones were really well developed and interesting also. Drakkar and Finnie's love story was sweet, sexy, heartbreaking and beautiful. Story not to be missed!!

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