Wednesday, February 5, 2014

 Saving Dallas by Kim Jones
 **.5 Love that cover stars!
 The cover is hot the story is just okay, I liked it but it is a different kind of MC read. My biggest problem was that Dallas our heroine is a multi-millionaire, who falls in love with the President of a local MC. For the life of me I just can not see that happening, now the mob maybe,lol. Dallas is a strong woman but becomes a weak, and insecure woman with Luke. Now some stories this work for me but this one it just didn't. The MC sided of things was just a little weak and didn't have a lot of credibility to it. I felt like the author's knowledge of the MC real world was lacking. The characters were likable and the story line was okay and I think could have been good, if some sort of element outside of the MC would have been used. I did find that I was reinventing the story in my mind to make it more believable. For me not all the pieces were coming together.

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