Wednesday, February 5, 2014

by Belle Aurora ***** Wowed Stars!

Wow! What just happened with that ending......need to process. If that is the ending and there is no more, then that is brillant and cruel......sounding a little like Twitch. More PLEASE!

This is not a love story. This is a story of a love gone wrong. Author Belle Aurora



Alexa/Lexi has done all the right things in life,she has overcome her passed, and now is a working as a social worker helping others have a better life. Then one the unthinkable happens, well all most happens, but Twitch a guy she has noticed around town saves her from the attack. Twitch on the other hand is all sorts of messed up. His past was a horrific one, but he has gone one and made a name for himself. He is not a hero he is the villian the bad guy, the one we love to hate, but in this case you just can't help but to love him, well kind of, he still made me nuts at times. Their relationship was so buzarre it was interesting. He would come and go as he liked in and out of Lexi's life, and yet she was comforted and happy with the time he gave her. Well up to a point. Things progress and all may not be what it seems. Let me tell you in more ways than one is that statement true!

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