Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vanish by Sophie Jordan
What a great sequel to Firelight. This story immediately picks up were Firelight left off. Jacinda had done what she felt necessary to save the boy she loved, Will. With that will come consequences, she has endangered the Pride,and possibly lost Will forever.
As Jacinda and her family arrive back home they are immediately meet with hostility,question, and judgement. Thanks to Cassian punishment is lighter, as long as Jacinda, stays in line, fallows the rules and gives up on Will, the human, the hunter. Can and will Jacinda do that? Jacinda's sister Tamra has suffered, and gained some in all this, however since being brought home she has been sent to live with Nadia. Jacinda's mom has a hard time back with the Pride as does Jacinda. She isn't exactly the favorite amongst the Pride any longer. In fact Cassian is the only one who is still friendly to her. She is actually greatful for him. She wonders at moments if there might could be more to the two of them. She knows she should forget about Will and be happy, so she tries. Events happen and Will appears, What will this mean for Jacinda, Cassian, Tamra and the Pride?
This was a wonderful written story and I couldn't put it down, read it in one day. I just had to find out what was going to happen to them all. This continuing story didn't disappoint. It was full of adventure, romance, and tension. I felt for Jacinda and what she was going through. She is so strong,courageous, a little selfish, hopeful and so in love. Will is amazing goes after what he wants, sacrifices, loves deeply, and is swoon worthy. Cassian is one of my favorites in this story, he is so amazing with Jacinda he protects her, full of chivalry, kind, sacrifices,courageous, and in love. Tamra, Tamra...lots happens with her in this story sometimes I was so frustrated with her. Many twists and turns in this wonderfully crafted story, that I totally enjoyed. I am already looking forward to the next book!

One or two language issues
Clean romance

ARC given to me by publisher Harper Collins and  Netgalley


  1. Vanish is the much awaited sequel to Firelight. So, what's going on with the characters? In this book, Jacinda struggles with adapting to the pride-the community of dragons-and to her former life. Cassian appears in this novel a lot (!) as well, much to the excitement of *ahem* certain readers. Jacinda's sister, Tamra, also discovers a unique part of herself and actually grows closer in a sense to the pride while Jacinda is left out. The crush Tamra has on Cassian doesn't abate much in the beginning of the book. Jacinda's mother becomes depressed and turns to the dragon's equivalent of alcohol. Severin, Cassian's father, remains as controlling and manipulative as ever-going so far as to send his daughter, Miram, on a certain errand that will work against Jacinda in the long run.

    1. I know there was a ton going on with these characters that I love:) I liked that they were kept busy it helped the story to flow quickly. I think it was important to see if Jacinda and Cassian could have anything more together than just friendship....well we definitely got that...but I still think in the end she will get Will, I really like Will. I felt there was a lot of transitioning of characters in this book, I think/hope in book three we will get all our answers. I didn't like how Jacinda's mom became so depressed and alcoholic, she really crashed.