Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Trove of the Passion Room by Marcia Lynn McClure
This has become one of my top 5 Marcia books. Don't get me wrong I actually love and have read and own all of them ( don't remind my husband). This is one of Marcia's contemporary stories mingled with the old, which I love.
Sharlamagne works in her parent's small antique boutique shop along with her sister and parents. Sharlamagne loves people, is kind, sweet, and she loves old things. She loves old things not just because they are old but because of their story and the people behind the objects. Elisaveta is a regular at the antique shop, and they have become fast friends since both share a great love of all things old. One day Elisaveta brings her grandson along, Maxim and Sharlamagne is intrigued. Maxim is just gorgeous, and kind and strong, finds himself lacking (which is adorable)and is the perfect swoon worthy guy. He has had a tuff life in some ways, his parents are a definite piece of work. I love their relationship in this story and how it all builds up. I love Marcia, and the way she describes things, especially the kissing lol. I really felt like I was in the lavender room, or at the wonderful WWII ball. That ball was just beautiful wish there was one for real every year were I live. And that dress she wore and his Navy Whites WOW. Some really great scenes and moments in this story. What is the secret of "The Trove of the Passion Room"? Read and find out! Once again another great book from Marcia!

mild language
clean romance

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