Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens
Zoe and Matthias wow what a story! This story was really jam packed with all sorts of wonderful and sad happenings. At first I had a hard time getting settled into the story. This story deals with a wide assortment of issues, that in some ways are sad/depressing. Zoe is a teenager who has a good family, that like all have their challenges. Their challenge is her little sister Abria, who is autistic. I don't know anyone with an autistic child so this was enlightening, I imagined it would be tough, just didn't realize how overwhelming. We get to watch as Zoe and her brother Luke deal/not deal with their emotions and family. Abria has a very handsome heavenly guardian whom Zoe can see. This is her gift to be able to see guardians. Zoe's not perfect, but her heart, and love of others, and willingness to try and over come the bad things she does makes her a rather endearing character. Matthias is amazing and well perfect, he is heavenly :) and handsome, did I say that already! I really enjoyed this first book in this series, really well done. I liked watching how this story played out, definitely and emotional roller coaster ride. Really polls at the heartstrings. This story is not like the rest of Mrs. Laurens works, this one is much more series in its tone, where the others are light and fluffy chic lit. Still really good!

language clean
romance lots of sexual talk, hooking up, underage parties and drinking, drugging with intent to rape. no details not for my teen.

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