Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flawed Beauty by L.R. Potter
3.5-4 Stars for me I know I could have rounded up and I really do like the story but for me it lacked a cohesive quality over all. Not that it wasn't good it was, it just lacked something for me. The ending was to abrupt for sure, not a cliff hanger or anything, and we do get an epilogue but I just felt like thats it, it ended, I want more.
Tate has had a horrific past worse than even what she can remember, but she has pulled herself out of it with good grades and a scholarship her future is looking brighter. Tate has sever trust issues thanks to her past, she has vowed never to trust a man. Well she also never thought she would meet a man quite like Jace Staton either. He is more handsome than any man has the right to be, a doctor, and a musician, chivalrous, and patience and he is pursuing her. Let me tell you the man was a saint in the patience department. Tate is a strong woman in many ways but lacks confidence that any man would want he,r add in her lack of trust towards men, well you see the man that would pursue Tate would need a lot of patience. I really liked Jace he was awesome with Tate and all her corks. I liked all of their quoting of authors, it was a great way for them to communicate at times. Oh and when Jace would sing to her I melted too.

Would I recommend this story yes, just realize it may not be as tightly done as other books, but still good:D

Adult read

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