Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas
***** Jessie Stars!

Okay well wow this was quite the book of confessions. Just when I thought there could be no more confessing bam there is another one more astonishing than the first. Gees Jessie the crazy man that we all adore. Poor Ava I am surprised she can breath or that her heart still beats after all the confessions come out. She is awesome though, oh she does some trampling of her own still but as John would say " Its all good girl". I really liked him, so calm, cool and collected.
Let me back up a bit when this story started off I was so mad at Ava I wanted to scream. I was about ready to shake her and say can't you see how much he loves you and quit all this running, yes she runs again. Once all that is ironed out though the story moves along really beautifully with Jessie in all is hot glory,trampling and retributions hehehhehe. What an amazing caveman he is!
Really enjoyed all the twist, turns and confessions. If you enjoyed the first two books you will not want to miss how this one ends. Speaking of endings loved the epilogue which is in Jessie's POV woowoo and I want to go to Paradise:D
Adult read not a clean read

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