Thursday, July 18, 2013

Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones
***** Deliciously Intriguing Stars!

Oh no it can not end just like that! I want more I need book two now already. Really loved this story of Amy or is it another name. Amy is in hiding from what or whom we do not know nor does she know for sure. Someone one night saved her from one of the most horrific nights of her life....but did he? I love stories like this where it is hard to figure out all the loose ends. Ms. Jones does and amazing job of keeping you on your toes, not knowing who to trust. I love her writing style it is captivating.
Now for Liam he is 100% Alpha male deliciousness,lol. He is what Amy needs whether she knows it or not and well she does know it. He is Mr. Tall dark and handsome personified, and like all Alpha males he wants what he wants and he gets what he wants which is Amy....or does he get her?
This story starts off quick and just keeps going at a wonderful pace. Amy and Liam's meeting I wondered if the like/lust at first sight would work, but it does I thought in this situation. They feel a connection when they first make eye contact, which seems real enough to me, I have felt that before with different people so, like I said it worked.
Amy has a lot to try and sort through and nothing seems to be as it should or has been in the past with her friend who saved her. She feels an uneasiness with all those around her except Liam...or does she?
Wonderful story with intelligent, intriguing and hot characters with lots of unanswered questions and scorching hot love scenes.
Book two please:D

adult read

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