Monday, July 8, 2013

Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover
*****Amazing Stars!


Yay! So very pleased with how this turned out, it was amazing. I was a little worried how it would come across from Holders POV being the same story and all. But Hoover let Holder own his own story it was really well done. We get insight and fist hand knowledge to why Holder did some of the things he did before he and Sky meet. It really helped round out the whole story. Hoover adds a diary to the story which was great because we were able to really feel all the emotions Holder goes through and it is brutally honest. I loved that we were able to get inside Holder's head and feel all those feelings with him it was wonderful. Again really impressed how Mrs. Hoover was able to bring so much to a this story it didn't feel like it was just a repeat book with Holder's POV. This is such a heart wrenching and heart felt story. Holder is pure awesomeness!!

If you haven't read Hopeless read it before you read this book:D

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