Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Alpha by Jasinda Wilder

Just a short little synopsis for you:D

At the end of Falling Under we get a short little chapter on Alpha. Let me tell you I was all kinds of frustrated that, that was all I got. This book is going to be really really good, how could it not be Jasinda wrote it.
Little synopsis:
Kyrie is seriously down on her luck she has lost her father, her mother is in a mental hospital, and her younger brother chooses to stay away at college with his head buried in the sand so he doesn't have to cope with their mother. She just recently lost her job that a temp agency had provided for her. Her bosses boss was a total jerk, and she leaves him with a broken nose. You go girl! Behind on all her bills, about to get evicted, power is turned off, college tuition is due, last yogurt in the fridge will be her dinner....she is near destitute. While looking through the piles of bills the mailman left she notices one that is handwritten with no return to sender. Upon opening she gets the shock of her life $10,000 dollars with n you in the memo. She runs though the mental list of all the things this could fix and help in her life. She is excited and apprehensive because nothing is free. And won't someone come to collect something from her one day. For one year each month she receive and cashes a $10,000 check. The first three come with a message and then nothing after that. Until the anniversary of the letters then someone comes a collecting........

Kyrie's shocked

And I am soooo EXCITED!!

Release date is this April 29! Thanks Tee for that info:D

Teaser from Jasinda

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