Monday, March 24, 2014

Destroyed by Pepper Winters
*****Mind Mussing Stars!

Well where to begin....
Pepper Winters knows how to write beautifully stories that mess with your heart, mind and emotions. Hazel and Fox's story had me wanting to root for their love one minute and the next, just let it go, but don't let it go at the same time have faith in him. Oh this one was just brutal at times to read. My heart went out to them as a couple as well as individually.
Hazel is the product of the foster care system she did what she had to do to make it out alive. Fox is the product of abuse at the hands of those who enslaved him to carry out there purposes as an assassin for hire. Both of their lives are haunted by their pasts. When they meet there is recognition in each other they feel familiar, they are both hiding and keeping secrets. This recognition is what pulls them together and is the story of something beautiful and haunting.

Obsidian Fox


"My temper exploded, I'd had enough of idiotic male testosterone. Shoving Oscar off me, I hissed, I'm not yours. I'm not his. I'm mine."

"Your dying inside when I'm trying to help you live"

"The strange compulsion, the unknown need. Maybe it was purely lust-two bodies who recognized a person with similar wants and urges. If it was, I'd never been affected so violently."

" I thought she was a saint.
She thought I was a sinner.
Too bad we didn't try to find the truth.
We both paid the price.
We destroyed each other.

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