Monday, March 31, 2014

Pure Will by Kristi Pelton
****.75 Sexy Alpha Will Stars!

I know there are mixed reviews on this one. I really did like it. I will have to say though that the first 17% was a little rough. I thought he was an abuser, but I promise that is far from the truth. Will is actually a total hot sexy, alpha male, which I totally loved. The first 17% the writing seemed just a little disjointed, but after that it was fine. Rough start with an amazing ending 4.75 Stars!

Camden and Will have a rocky start, Will is hooking up with her best friend and roommate. The first night as he is doing the walk of shame he sees her, Camden. Little petite angel sleeping on the coach with a pillow thrown over her head. Something about her calls to him, and he wants to see her again, but he doesn't even know who she or her roommate are. They find that they start running into each other at college and decide to see what this feeling they are both experiencing is about. But....they need to break it to her roommate and bff, that they like each other and want to pursue a relationship....

These two were great together both of them are strong, smart, sexy and funny.

"Not simply kiss me either, she straddled my lap as we kissed and I literally giggled like a little girl. I quickly did a check for my man card but it was gone! Toast...."

Will Call it osmosis of sorts. Call it bullsh*&. I don't care she had my heart that's the bottom line.


Camden has a past that still haunts her, some of those fears and insecurities are brought to this knew relationship. Will though is perfect with her, he is just the sweetest thing ever. Everybody else though watch out. I liked the family bond that Will has with his dad and mom. His dad has some heroic moments as well as Will. Yes swoon to both men and their alpha male hotness,lol.

Will too has a past that has lead to some self destructive behavior but Cam seems to be his new drug of choice.
"Her wanting me...needing me was like heroine to and addict. Hearing her say that sealed the deal."

"They think with their peckers. And Cam was living in a Will only pecker zone."

"Her dad needed to know who I was and that he could be relieved of duty...I would take care of her"

And he did take care of her wonderfully!

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