Monday, March 24, 2014

Heart of Stone by Christine Warren
**** Sexy Gargoyle Stars!

Sexy Gargoyles who new. I don't think I have read a story about sexy Gargoyles before. If they are all like Kees I want more,lol. This was a really fun, sexy, with a little mystery story.
Ella is a little bit of an introvert she doesn't like people, parties or crowds. Occasionally her job as a curator at the local museum puts her in a position to raise funds. One night after one of these events Ella finds a man that she knows in the shadows. He approaches her and doesn't seem to know the meaning of the word no.
This massive Gargoyle statue, Kees awakens from his 1000 year slumber. Kees is confused as to why he has been awaken. All he knows is he needs to protect the human before him. That is his purpose to defend against the demons and protect. He has questions though how and who had awaken him from his long slumber.

This mystical creature turns into...

Kees is really sexy hot!


Ella is more than she knows she is, but what does that mean. Kees has an idea as to who and what she is. He is also surprised at his need to protect her. He isn't use to emotions.
These two were hot together both in the bedroom and out. They work together to fight the evils that are all around as they come to terms with all their feelings for each other.
Really enjoyable read! Look forward to the rest in this series:D

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