Monday, March 24, 2014


Severed by Dax Varley
***.5-4 Scary Horseman Stars!

3.5-4 Actual Stars for Young Adult Book

I always thought the story of Ichobod Krane and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow was fascinating. This was a quick fun little read. Katrina is full of all sorts of whimsical dreams of leaving her village and all the adventures she will surely have once she leaves. However her plans are throttled when the handsome Ichobod moves to town. They fall quickly into like/love with one another. There relationship was really sweet. Then enters the crazy Headless Horseman. He is wrecking havoc all through out the village, and among Katrina's friends. He seems to have pin pointed Ichobod as a target. Why? I think this question really had me curious, could he have feelings for Karina and want Ichobod out of the way or something else. There is mystery and mayhem a plenty with a dash of sweet romance.

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