Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

I really enjoy Sophie Kinsella stories. She has this wonderful way of taking every day life experiences adds a dash of chaos to it for good measure and you have a wonderful delightful story. Wedding Night was no different super fun with great characters.
Lottie is such a fun character full of life, a romantic, in love with Richard her long term boyfriend, and she is slightly compulsive when things don't seem to go right. What do I mean by this is Lottie and Richard are headed to dinner where Richard wants to talk to her. Well her idea of what should be talked and asked about at dinner is a completely foreign thought to Richard. She expects a wedding proposal from him, and has psyched her self up for it. You can imaging Richards thoughts on the matter as he tells her no not going to happen, and he tells her his big news. Lottie is so heart broken being the romantic she is, yet she is strong and gives Richard what for in her head, stupid man. Lottie is quite cute as she process all of this. Fliss is Lottie's sister who has just been through a gut wrenching divorce and is bitter, bitter, but trying slowly to overcome the bitterness. Surprisingly she was hoping Richard and Lottie would get married, she really likes Richard for her sister.
Well Lottie is as if she were the waves of the sea being tossed to and fro she is devastated about Richards rejection. One day she gets a call from an old summer fling Ben, and decides to meet up with him. They were once very good together well so she thinks. Over dinner they decide that it would be a great idea to just get married. What was she thinking, she is a crazy girl. Anyway Ben is rich, sexy, and a dimwit in my opinion. He is so puffed up on himself sometimes I wanted him to get a reality check. His puffed up self really came from his lack of self confidence. There friends and family are none to happy about the upcoming wedding. Fliss is trying to talk sense into her sister but nothing seems to work. Lottie and Ben decide just to eloped and go spend there honeymoon where they first meet. This is a honeymoon like no other, it was hilarious, frustrating, and ends well with all. I loved how it ended. There is also more than one relationship going on in this story. Richard he has somethings on his mind too.
Really a fun and enjoyable read!

content: clean read, sexual things talked of but no details, fair amount of language

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