Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beneath The Surface by M.A. Stacie
****Hot Stars

Whoot whoo Dale! Loved Dale she is a very strong minded woman who knows who she is and what she wants. It was interesting to see her paired up with Kyran Reese who is a strong alpha male. It worked surprisingly well. Kyran is the CEO of the family corporation along with his brother Taylor who is CFO and they are both hot and broken and have their secrets. Talk about dysfunction at it's finest. Kyran is strong, sexy, family fixer, and has serious emotional bonding issues. Taylor is just as good looking, has serious family issues,he is never sober long which begins to affect his daily life. Dale was just hired as Taylor's assistant she immediately can tell something is wrong/going on with Taylor he is either late, drunk or a no show at work. Dale upon meeting Kyran has an immediate attraction that she pushes aside because he is her boss. Kyran on meeting Dale feels the same pull, he chalks it up to lust and knows he shouldn't want her but she wont get out of his head. I love the elevator scene with these two hot! Kyran just cant take the sexual tension between them any longer and makes his move. No shirt Kyran inters the elevator, Dale with her yummy vanilla scent is everywhere, and Dale is intrigued at all of his beautiful tattoo's that are hidden beneath his dress shirts and his amazing body. They decide that the lust and sex is amazing and they will just keep it to that, but can they? Kyran has so many issues and uses boxing as his outlet no one at work or in his family knows how he deals with the pressures in his life. Dale is like an anchor that grounds him. I loved all the hot scenes and banter between these two. Dale would not put up with his crap and she dished it right back at him. I think this is what Kyran liked about her, she wasn't intimidated by his brooding ornery self, she could tell it was a cover. Taylor's issues come to a head too. Dale and Kyran go through a lot before their story is all over. Really a great read!

This cover is quite beautifully HOT!

Thank you TWCS Publishing House!

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