Monday, August 12, 2013

Wounded by Jasinda Wilder

Two beautifully tortured characters that I loved! Wonderful story!
Rania is 12 when the first Iraqi War breaks out and the war is devastating to this bright beautiful girl. She losses almost her whole family most are killed. Her brother decides that he should be part of the War and abandons her. Rania can not find work or anyone to take her in. Life is hard for everyone. Rania is so alone and so so very hungry. At times you feel like she would like to die, but no, human instinct proves you want to live. Rania wants to live and that makes all the difference in her life. One night faced with the horrors of mens reaction to her beauty, and her desire to live find Rania in a place she hates. Rania realizes quickly what she must do to not die from the hunger.
About 12 years later the second Iraqi War is in full swing and there is an American attack on Rania's village, which puts Hunter in Rania's path. Theirs is a relationship built on tragedy, friendship, admiration and trust. I felt for Hunter as he had to deal with what was going on with Rania, and yet there wasn't a whole lot he could do about it. I love the last few chapters of this book the most as we get to see just how much they really do care for each other. Oh yes this one was tragic but still hot and steamy.

Adult read

Audio read: The male narrator was just okay for this book. I like him in other books but for me he does not pull off the alpha male guy(sorry poor guy) He has a great voice just not for this.

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