Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ruin by C.J. Scott
**** Mysterious Stars!
" Like I said, Winter was the Sleeping Beauty of Montana. Except no prince came to wake the princess. Princes avoided Winter like she had the plague......Until now."
Exactly until now when mysterious gorgeous hunky man gets off the bus, and meets the girl.
Kate has been away to college but is home, back in sleepy Winters with her family and friends. She and Jane her friend are at the cafe when Ben Parker gets off the bus. Since no one ever gets off and stays in Winter's Kate is wondering who and what he is about. Kate and Jane decided to find out, he tells them he is just staying for a short time and has no money. Kate and Jane work out a plan where he can work at Jane's Grandma's, Mrs. Merrweather's home which is in bad repair for room and board. He agrees, but Ben has secrets that not everyone knows about, and he wants to keep it that way.
I really enjoyed this story Ben is hot, mysterious and a really good guy. Kate is smart, knows what she want which is definitely Ben. At times she comes on a little to strong with all her lusting over him, it felt a little desperate in the beginning. They do seem to have a connection but all the secrets get in the way. I liked how Ben tries really hard to help Jane and her Grandma. I also enjoyed watching Ben and Kate fall in love with each other. This story had great characters and a great mysterious story line. Will Ben's secrets be to much for Kate and the community to handle? Read and find out!

New Young Adult

Thanks C. J. Scott and Publishers for ARC!

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