Monday, August 12, 2013

Bring Me Home by Cassia Leo
***** Beautiful Stars!

Just became one of my all time favorite series. This series is great I loved every minute of Claire, Chris, and Adams story. Each book just kept getting better and better too. This one is my favorite, I love how all the lose ends are tied up, wasn't sure in the beginning that I was liking the direction it was all going but I loved it. It was great to watch Claire, Adam, and Chris grow into these unforgettable characters. These guys have to be on serious emotional overload, I know I was as I read it, well if they were real. The way Cassia writes though they feel so real, you hurt when they hurt, I cried when they cried, and laughed when they laughed and I really didn't want it to end.
Talk about choices, Claire has two beautiful men inside and out to choose from Chis or Adam who will she choose? I struggled with who I thought was best for her, because they both were in different wonderful ways, but the way it turns out is the best. Clair also struggles with the need to heal from the loss of Abigail in her life, she knows that if she could just see and hold her daughter one time that it would mean the world to her......There is so much to this story that I just don't want to give any of the details away if you loved the first two you will love this one. This was a breath of fresh air in the New Adult genre for me it is similar to a lot of the other books out there boy meets girl someone has issues, but this seemed to just have more to it, well rounded, a completeness to it, oh I don't know it was just amazing! 

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