Monday, August 12, 2013

If You Leave by Courtney Cole

Yay we get Maddy's story! Which was really good! Maddy has so many demons at her back door do to all the loss,responsibility and abuse she has lived through in her life. She and Mi have lost both their parents do to a car accident years ago, Maddy had to grow up quickly to take care of her sister Mi, and take care of the restaurant her parents left behind. Maddy had other plans for her life but those were all derailed after the accident. All of these changes changed Maddy. For one night she allows her best friend Jacey to talk her into letting go of her responsibilities for a night. That is when she meets Gabriel and everything changes.
This was a really fun read as well as heart wrenching. Maddy has so many demons to deal with as does Gabriel. Gabriel suffers from PTSD do to his time served in the Afghanistan War. They are both such real, raw lovable characters I felt their pains their love and their losses.(yes tissues will be needed) They go through hell and back and the way Mrs. Cole takes us there is very real and insightful. I loved too that we get to have More of Mi and Pax's story which was amazing.
If you loved the first book I think you will love this one as well. Go read it:D

Side note:
After reading this it gave me a reminder to give thanks to all the men and women who lay down their lives so that my family and I might remain safe and free. Thank you for being willing to come home and fight your demons so that I might sleep soundly. Thank you for forever being changed that I might have peace and freedom. My words seem inadequate but they come from the heart thank you thank you for your sacrifice on my behalf. May you heal and have peace also. -Cindy

adult read not clean

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