Sunday, August 25, 2013

Torn By K. A. Robinson
I definitely see why it was entitled Torn, because I was torn between these two amazing guys. They are both hot and great for her in different ways, and choosing will be painful for Chloe. Chloe, Logan and Amber have been BFF's for forever and are headed off to college together. Logan has been her confidante and protector for just as long. I loved Logan he is super attentive, sweet, fun, oh so protective, and jealous (who could blame the poor guy)and beautifully handsome. Logan really is an amazing guy he knows Chloe so well and has been her rock and her everything because her family was so abusive and dysfunctional. Chloe meets handsome tattooed Drake the first day of school in her class, and there is an immediate connection between the two. Drake stirs feelings in Chloe that she has never felt before, but Drake doesn't feel like he is good enough for her so he pushes her away and into the arms of yep her BFF Logan. Then Drake realizes that he can't stand that and wants her too. Thus the vicious triangle goes. I usually love triangles, but this one was a little much with the cheating and I felt one of them was used, and I hated seeing him care so much for her and nothing but fake returned. Chloe does eventually get the right guy for her, so yay. Okay that was all kinds of crazy and messed up, but it was really good:D Still can't believe that ending!

Thank you Atria Publishing!

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