Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Reluctant Outlaw by Karen Kirst
This is one of those stories you want to get comfy and curl up on the couch and enjoy every minute of it. This story is about Evan Harrison, who is quite handsome, chivalrous, revengeful and has quit the heavy heart. Juliana happens upon a situation that puts her in the care of Evan. Evan is part of a deadly gang who, rob and kill to get what they want, if need be. Juliana is taken in by Evan and notices that there is something different about him. He doesn't seem as crude as the rest of the gang he even seems educated. He goes out of his way to help her and keep her safe. So who is Evan, and can he break down the walls he has around his heart to love another? Such a fun story I loved the the banter between Evan and Juliana. She is quite a spitfire, stubborn, sweet, and in love. Juliana is very concerned as to who this man is and why God has directed her path in such away as to fall in love with a criminal. Evan and Juliana have quite the adventures as they grow to trust each other and their hearts.

no language
clean romance

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