Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warlord by Elizabeth Vaughan
Once again this story takes off were Worsworn left off. Keir and Lara are headed to the heart of the plains, where all the tribes congregate for the summer. Lara must meet the Elders of the plains and be found acceptable before them, before she can be officially the Warprize and be Keir's bonded. This story was full of mystery, adventure, and intrigue. I love Mrs. Vaughan's world building it was so captivating to me. I love Keir and Lara's relationship and how it continues to grow. All my favorite characters were back in this book as well. One of my favorites is Marcus, he has an injury that has left him disfigured and because of this he is considered to be less than a human,and offensive to the gods. He is such an amazing friend to both Keir and Lara. He really watches over them, especially Lara. He helps her to learn and understand their ways,and protects her. Really a great cast of characters. I love how Lara stands up for herself and is so willing to give freely of her healing methods. This story has a lot of things that take place and was really well done.

no language
not a clean romance once again just goes over the line into explicit, I had to skip pages, sad once again good story.
adult read

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