Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
Ugh, my original review was lost. So here goes.
This story picks up about a week after Nightshade ends. Calla and Shay are in the hands of the Seekers,who offer to help them out. Calla is desperate to make sure her pack is well and safe, which they most likely are not. She is also conflicted with her feelings toward Shay and Ren. Usually the love triangle doesn't bother me but in this case it started to grate a little on my nerves. There was lots of twists and turns to the plot that kept it interesting, even though it was somewhat predictable. there are a few new characters that we get to meet some interesting and some just annoying. I did like Monroe, he was very strong, confident and interesting. I also liked Ariadne, she is a weaver which is a pretty interesting concept of transporting. All in all an interesting read, just not my favorite.

romance was more detailed than need be for a teen read, vulgar talk, and a same sex couple.

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