Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison
I have to say this story definitely peeked my interest to find more stories about Tristan and Isolde. This story is about Izzie who is in love with Mark who, is an amazing guy by the way. Izzie has a best friend Branna who really wants to be in love or is she? Izzie's mom is a witch, so she decides to concoct a love potion from the Internet which goes completely wrong, so she steals some of her moms. Tristan a new guy at school who is very handsome,and has his eye on Izzie. Izzie however tries to ignore the fact that she is a little attracted to his good looks. She decides without consulting any of the parties involved that Branna and Tristan would make the perfect couple. She decides to slip the potion in their drinks, but something goes drastically wrong and Izzie and Tristan end up drinking the potion. The premise of this story is cute, but I was often annoyed with Izzie, she was whinny and mean to Mark, and stubborn to a fault in her, I refuse the love potion to work on me attitude. Everything seemed a little loose not a lot of depth and it had a hard time coming together. However the last quarter of the book, I found to be much more enjoyable, and interesting. There are lots of things that Izzie and Tristan find out about themselves and one another. The ending had lots of action and was my favorite part.
I have to say this is a gorgeouse cover!
clean romance

Reviewed for Netgalley

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