Wednesday, December 18, 2013

 Torn from You by Nashoda Rose

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! With an intensity that had my poor heart beating out of my chest the first 50% of this book.
   I was alone and fighting to survive.
   When I heard his voice, I thought he was there to save me.
   I was wrong.

Emily will have the fight of her life ahead of her, emotionally as well as physically.  Thrown into the sex traffic/slave world by one she trusted. Devastating!
I loved Emily's will to survive, she is naturally reserved but extremely strong willed. She wants to be a horse trainer. She has a wonderful and supportive self made family in her friend Kat and Matt. She does do stupid a couple of times and I just wanted her to play by the rules, so I wouldn't be so stressed out.
Logan I wanted to kill in the beginning, and then I understood him. He is a hot up and coming rock star and underground fighter which pays his way into the music industry. He is all alpha male, strong, and confident in everything. My relationship with him seemed to be what the heck help her, fix this, and then the last 50% good luck making this right, and your amazing.
The second part of this story is just as intense but in a much different way. It was really well done and interesting to see how these two characters would handle the past, present and future.
The writing was so well done could not put this down the story had me on edge the whole time. The characters were all just amazing, even secondary ones. A couple of my favorites were Deck and Georgie. Deck is scarey, loyal and his story I can only image is going to be hot. Georgie is fun loving, great friend and sweet. Can't wait for their story. I am hooked Nashoda Rose, I want more of your stories! Loved it!!

Logan/Sculpt hotness   Emily/Eme

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