Tuesday, December 31, 2013

After Forever by Jasinda Wilder
***** Soulful Stars

Well that was just heartache and heart break written all over the place! All that takes place in this book is just I don't know painful, wrong, sad. Where do you go when there is no hope? I don't really know, and hope I never do know that feeling. But ugh Cade has it in spades, and it sucked. My heart bled for him and his situation. To have felt such loss over and over and over how does one even go on. And to feel so alone, like really alone the pain and heartache. I found I wanted to figure away to reach through the pages and be just a friend to him. Do I want to judge him sure I do, but I won't.
The essence of this story is really the quote

"I will love you forever and after forever"

This story is full of angst, sorrow, and it is beautifully told the emotions, and characters were so real. Jasinda develops a characters that you just become and feel their love and their losses. And I love to feel those deep emotions. Leaves me a blubbering mess, but it is worth it.

Me most of this book


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