Friday, December 27, 2013

Beck by Harper Sloan
***** Patient Stars!

 Fell in love with Beck and Dee!



I loved everything about this story, but Beck he is just perfection. He is strong, confident, way to handsome *fans self*, and PATIENT. I think a part of me fell in love with how patient he was with Dee.

"Patience wasn't even a factor. When you love someone, you fight. You fight for them, and you fight with them. She needed me to fight for her then, and I'll continue to do that until she can fight for herself again."

Beck's love for Dee ran deep and was completely unconditional and beautiful.

"It's always been Dee fighting me, fighting herself, and running from her fears. And I've been fighting the world for her while she does it."

Really just a beautiful story about two people one damaged and wants to push the man she loves away because of the past. And one man who will stand by her through it all.

"Yeah, I can do this. For this man who has been fighting for us alone, I'm finally ready to start fighting with him."


"My wildcat is back, and I'll be damned if I let her go again."

adult read

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