Friday, December 6, 2013

Glittering Promises by Lisa T. Bergren
***** Happy Stars!

I am sad to see this story come to a close, I have really enjoyed it. I love Mrs. Bergren's writing, and will be anxiously waiting her next new adventure. Cora Kensington and the the Morgan Family are wrapping things up with their Grand Tour and are now in beautiful romantic Italy. Once again Mrs. Bergren paints a beautiful picture on pages were I feel as though I am there and apart of it all. Things are a little strenuous this stretch of the Tour. Cora is being bothered because of who she is or better yet, now that she has money. She is trying to figure out who her heart really belongs to and what that will mean for her future. It has been fun to watch Cora grow into a responsible, smart, compassionate young woman. She has always had these attributes, she has just grown into them more fully. There are all sorts of twist, turns and mystery to keep the pages flying. In the end all lose ends are tied up nicely and I was clapping happily. Wonderful, adventures, sweet read!

clean read

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