Friday, December 6, 2013

Longing For Home by Sarah M. Eden
****.5 Sweet Stars

I love Sarah M. Edens they are all so good. Her other books are regency so this was a fun break away from her previous genre. I actually really enjoyed the historical side of this book, learning more about the Irish in America and how they were not received all that well. Katie Macaulay is a young women headed to the wild west of Wyoming to save up money to go back to Ireland and make retribution for something she feels was her fault, which had a devastating fall out for her family. Did she do it or didn't she? Once she gets to Hope Springs not all is as she expected it to be. The Irish are treated hostel in town, but do have their own little community where all is lighthearted, and they help each other. Katie is a really brave, sweet, broken, smart young women. Katie meets Travish (love the name) who is Irish hot, strong, chivalrous, and hot hehehe. I really liked him! Now for the triangle there is also Joseph Archer who is American he too is hot, chivalrous, stubborn, and widowed. I liked him too. These men are very different in many ways but similar in ways that count. It was fun to watch their stories unfold. Who will she pick, can she over come the haunting of her past? My only complaint was it was a little slow in the middle, not to bad though. Really an interesting, fun, sweet love story.

clean read

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