Friday, December 6, 2013

Lingerie Wars by Janet Elizabeth Henderson
****.5 Fun Banter Stars!

Lake Branson, former special ops man for the Royal Army is in for an adventure when he moves to Invertary, Scottland. He is there to get the money back that he had loaned to his sister Raine to open up her own shop. Raine's store is not your average store but is a lingerie store. Raine is a free spirit who as absolutely no business smarts at all!! Silly girl, lucky for her she has such a hot sweet talken brother who has come to the rescue. Part of the problem with Rain's business is that it is right across the street from a more put together and upscale lingerie store. Invertary is a small town and you can only have so much lingerie right.... Well Lake is out to make this store produce income he tries all sorts of tactics to bring in the sales as well as seduce Kirsty the "other" lingerie shop's owner. This story was really cute. I loved the banter and the crazy things that Lake was up to through out the story. Kirsty has some mysterious issues that influence her behavior towards Lake. Really a fun, fun read!:)

clean read some description foreplay, sex behind closed doors

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