Monday, December 9, 2013

Before We Fall by Courtney Cole
*** Conflicting Stars!

I normally love Mrs. Cole's books but this one had me so conflicted. I think my main problem with this story is that I didn't like the heroine, Jacey who was in the previous books. She is selfish, especially when it came to Brand, she was way, way, way out of line considering her friend only status with him, so unfair to him, I really hope he get's his own story. Someone has already lost a life because of her actions. I just found my self not liking her, but it wasn't one sided, because I didn't like the hero Dominic either. He is a well known rich actor who knows he is hot and thinks all the women want him (which they do). He is not very humble and incredibly arrogant, and not nice in general to others. Dominic blames himself for a tragedy that happened a few years prior, it left him broken and feeling unworthy. He decides to turn to the darker pleasures of life because he feels this is all he deserves. Jacey happens to run into him at one of his brothers parties, he gives her a ride home which leads to jail. The whole jail incident really showed off his jerkiness. They end up having to spend a lot of time together which allows them to see the broken as well as the good in each other. Jacey feels as though she can help/change him. Over time Dominic does make peace with his demons with Jacey's love and support.
The story is written well and is interesting I just had an incredibly hard time finding these two characters cheer worthy. I know many will love them and I am glad, and I hope you do, just didn't work for me.

mature read

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