Monday, December 9, 2013

Wanted by J.Kenner
***** Sexy Stars!!

Love the Cover!

I really enjoyed this story it was fast paced with one twist, turn, mystery or secret that needed to be resolved. I couldn't put it down took me a day to read. I love Mrs. Kenner's writing it has a sophisticated quality to it, her stories are all well rounded, and scorching hot, Wanted was no different.
Jahn, Angie's wealthy, and beloved uncle has suddenly past away. This has left Angie bereft and confused. She start's to examine her life, who she is, what she wants out of life and with whom. Her current life has her feeling caged and lonely, know one gets who Angie is. Well know one that is except her uncles long time friend Evan. He has admired her from a distance for years. Angie has always loved Evan and admired him. Not until now has she been willing to try and open up to him. Once these two finally get together watch out the chemistry is electric, and sizzling. They really are just beautiful together. Evan understands her so completely and helps her unlock her true self. He is control, fierce, handsome, self made, broken and scorching hot. Yes, another book boyfriend for me,lol. Angie to is strong, a little lost do to past events, sweet, and goes after what she wants. This was such a wonderful story, loved it!

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