Friday, June 21, 2013


Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines
***** Loved It!

Rush enough said the man is unbelievably all Alpha male craziness and I loved it! He is so in love with Blaire and their unborn child it was so sweet and beautiful. I loved his caveman self lol. He was wonderfully overprotective and concerned with Blaire's needs. Their love is that once in a life time kind of love that neither of them took for granted. It was wonderful to watch that love grow and strengthen. Rush is my newest book gush man:D
On to the story: Rush and Blair are together and oh so in love. Nan sister hasn't dealt well with all the new information she has be sideswiped with. Nan has decided she wants to go live with her dad and get to know him, and make him make up for lost time. Well that is a huge problem sense Nan is such a witch to everyone, and her dad Kiro is just like her. Neither seem to care about anyone but them selves. Nan needs help and Rush is the only one who knows how to handle her, so off to L.A. he and Blair go. Rush is embarrassed about the life his father Dean and Kiro live and the stuff that goes on in their rock star home. He can't wait to see to Nan and get Blair out of there. As you can imagine Nan is a mess that even Rush can't fix. Nan is so hurt and sad that she makes some really desperate choices.... Blair is under to much stress as is Rush who is try to juggle a crazy sister and a very pregnant hormonal wife.....
We get to meet some really interesting characters that I hope we will get to hear more from. I really liked Harlow she is so not like her dad, wow. Hope we get to see if she ends up with you know who(yep not telling you,hehehe) but it would be good::) Della is an interesting significant other to some one as well, who I think just might have a few skeletons in her closet that we need to know about. Great story loved it! Want more!!

Rush is one amazing daddy too!

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