Friday, June 21, 2013

If You Stay by Courtney Cole

Well I was hit with the unexpected from the first page, did not see that coming. Pax is a complete mess do to an early childhood trauma. It has left him emotionally and physically a mess. Don't get me wrong he is a very handsome bad boy. None the less his actions are emotionally and physically harmful to him and others. Pax and Mila story is one of hope, for two people in love and faced with odds that may leave them alone. Pax has a history of narcotic and alcohol abuse, which has lead him to emotionally shut down and go into the deep oblivion of nothingness. He thinks that he is undeserving of good in his life....but then Mila walks into his life and he wants for the first time to be more than what he is. Mila is the polar opposite of Pax she is good, and bright, cheerful and full of life. These attributes draw Pax too her. Mila is drawn to Pax as well she knows he is troubled and yet she senses something within him that is broken and good. They decided to give a relationship a go knowing it could have a devastating ending for both there hearts.

This was a pretty intense read and not one for the faint of heart, it starts off pretty over the top. I didn't like Pax in the beginning because of it all, but I grew to really understand him and feel for him. I kept hoping that all would work out for him and them. Pax has a ton of emotional issues due to his past, would he have the desire to work really hard to over come it to keep Mila. Would he do it for Mila or would he do it for himself. This is an action packed story for the heart, with plenty of romance. I loved how much they really did love each other and try desperately to not give up on one another. The road for them is not easy, but I believe it was worth it. One of my many favorite quotes in this story is "Love Never Fails." This story is a beautiful story of love, change and hope. Make sure you read the authors notes at the end, she gives us insight for the inspiration and how this story all came about. Really a beautifully written story.

content: not a clean read

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